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This is a special service that has been implemented outside of our normal operating hours, that is designed EXCLUSIVELY ONLY for those who would like to train "outside the box" of our 6:30 am - 7 pm business hours, due to your particular situation/schedule. 

Our head trainer Marcel and his Prince William based team will train those interested in this program as early as 5:00 am for a maximum of 3 times per week at an additional rate of $80/hour for this service. 

*Example #1: Client has 3 sessions remaining, and would like to train for 3 days at 5 am.  In order to take advantage of this special program, your total investment would be $80 x 3 = $240 on top of what has been paid already for your original paid plan in order to take part in the "Early Bird" program. The $80 is an additional charge based on providing convenience to our clients' needs. If the client would like to train 3 times each week, there will be a fee of $240 each week to secure the early service times only. If you DO NOT want to participate in the early services there will be NO additional fees required. 

We will also have a 5:00 AM team that is assigned to the Fairfax, Loudoun, and Arlington County region  for "Early Bird" services.